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Poco is probably the subsidiaries of Xiaomi brand that has been in a position to succeed and open its place in the global market. The Xiaomi Poco F1 may be the first phone to be launched from this products. گوشی پوکو m3 On November 24, 2020, the Xiaomi poco m3 was introduced. 19 Kala online store continues to introduce this Xiaomi phone. Over the goal line for younger generation and Gymrhast consent so they could enjoy the use of a smartphone gaming experience and a mid-range phone reviews phone Xiaomi Pvkv m3 at our online store with good product 19.

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Xiaomi poco m3 phone

Design of Xiaomi poco m3
Many brands usually do not spend a lot of time and money designing their budget phones, but Xiaomi Poco products is an exception to the rule and has tried to provide a particular and unique design to Poco fans, especially the younger generation, despite the fact that the Xiaomi Poco phone m3 isn’t manufactured from glass and metal, but it doesn’t have a low-end appearance at all, and on the contrary, by holding it in the hand, it conveys the sensation of an extravagance phone to the user, and anyone who sees Poco M3 may think you’re the most special phone. You took over the world.

Your body and frame of the Xiaomi Poco m3 are created from compressed plastic and Gorilla Glass 3 is intended for the front of the model to increase the strength of the body whenever you can. The camera module can be creatively designed, with three lenses and a Poco logo. Xiaomi has tried to use a different design language in the Poco M3, which is why you see a unique module in this phone which has never been seen in the Xiaomi phones. The camera triple module is situated in a problem area of ??color, and next to it you can view the Poco logo.

Xiaomi Poco m3

There is no fingerprint sensor on the trunk panel, and the manufacturer has installed this sensor next to the body, which has helped to create this model more beautiful, and by integrating the power button with the fingerprint sensor, it has provided easier usage of this sensor. . The quantity control buttons combined with the power are located on the proper side of the Poco M3 . The SIM card slot with the slot for the external memory is situated on the left side of the phone. At the top of the NFC is the 3.5mm headphone jack and secondary microphone, and the speakerphone is situated near the top of the display. In the bottom, we start to see the speaker window, Type-C charging port and microphone.

Poco m3 19kala

The dimensions of the Xiaomi Poco M3 are about 162.3×77.3 x 9.6 mm also it weighs 198 grams. When it comes to body strength, the Xiaomi Poco m3 is effective, and since it fits in the category of mid-range phones, it is not surprising that the body is constructed of plastic, but the back panel has a sort of leather texture and makes it more ergonomic and makes the telephone Do not slip in the hand. The body and frame are both made of plastic. Its color options include light yellow, purple and black and will focus on any taste. The yellow color of this model is really unique and can be considered a different and special choice for the colour of the phone. Know that this phone is waterproof, Poco M3 isn’t waterproof, so manage your phone in all conditions!

Xiaomi Poco M3 display
Xiaomi Poco M3 is equipped with a 6.53-inch screen that fits how big is a movie. Its type is IPS LCD and will be offering a resolution of 2340 � 1080 pixels. The number of light that the company has announced for the poco m3 is add up to 400 nits, which is a very good light even for working in the sun. Poco has used the 3rd generation of Corning Gorilla Glass to safeguard the screen from bumps and scratches. The display panel takes up 83.4% of the front space and creates a little fringe around the phone, the selfie camera is also a notch drop of the display guest.

xiaomi poco m3

It should be noted that the colors on the screen of the Xiaomi Poco m3 are vivid and beautiful, and the colors are displayed in probably the most natural way possible. Of course, do not forget that it is usually possible to customize the color of the screen from the settings. Acceptable and satisfactory.

Xiaomi Poco m3 camera
As stated, the camera of the Xiaomi Poco m3 is triple and the info about its lenses is really as follows:

Main camera (wide): 48 megapixels
Depth detection sensor: 2 megapixels
Macro lens: 2 megapixels
Selfie camera: 8 megapixels
Xiaomi Poco m3 camera

The primary lens is 48 megapixels, that is expected to have excellent image quality. Macro lenses with a depth of 2 megapixels are also contained in the camera module of this cellular phone and allow you to take close-up and portrait photos. The selfie camera can be 8 megapixels. When it comes to video recording, both cameras capture 1080p images at 30 frames per second. Ultraviolet lens is not found in this model and you need to take ultra-wide photos with this particular phone, but all the likelihood of photography with its cellular phone are suitable, and in the following, we will review a few examples of images recorded with the Poco M3 camera .

The 48-megapixel main lens captures high-quality photos both in daylight and at night, and scores very well regarding color rendering, detail detection, and image sharpness and clarity, as you can plainly see in the image below. Photography is fantastic for mobile photography.

Specifications of Xiaomi Poco m3

As we said, the Xiaomi Poco M3 captures stunning close-ups with a macro lens and captures lots of detail, high image contrast and clear and precise final output.

Specifications of Xiaomi poco m3 19kala

Xiaomi poco m3 specifications regarding hardware
The processor found in the specifications of the Xiaomi poco m3 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 662, that is also used in other phones such as the Riley 7, in fact it is not bad to learn that the performance of the processor, especially regarding photo processing, is way better than its previous generation. had. . Xiaomi poco m3 is available in two versions, 128.4 and 64.4 GB. The points that Poco M3 gets from reputable benchmarks are as follows:

Version 8 Antuto: 177904
Version 5.1 Geek Bench: 1398
Price of Xiaomi poco m3

As we said at the beginning of the text, the Poco products is well-known for making gaming phones, also it can be said that this phone is truly a model that can give a good score to its gaming performance. Of course, do not expect an excellent gaming mobile, nevertheless, you can dare He said that the hardware layout of the Poco M3 helps it be a cheap but satisfying gaming model, and it runs games like PUBG very smoothly and without lag, providing an individual with acceptable graphics and frame rates. And even if you use the least amount of graphics, the frame rate option changes from medium to high.

Specifications of Xiaomi Poco m3 in terms of software
Xiaomi poco m3 phone, like most Xiaomi models, runs with MIUI 12 user interface based on Android 10 and contains a mental interface; Although Xiaomi’s MIUI is not the best Android interface, the Poco M3 is commendable for its features that enable you, as a mobile user, to customize the software environment to your liking.

poco m3 Price

Poco m3 phone battery
The battery used in the Poco M3 is definitely one of its strengths, and having a 6000 mAh battery gives it an extraordinary lifespan. Also, the fast charge for it is standard 18 watts and 0 to 100% charge requires about 170 minutes, but remember that one could play with the Xiaomi poco m3 all night, watch movies, Browse the web and surf the Instagram account and consume just a little bit of your battery.

Xiaomi poco m3 price

Price of Xiaomi poco m3
The Xiaomi Poco m3 is priced at around $ 149 and the price tag on the Xiaomi poco m3 is really great; For information on the daily price of the telephone, get help from the store site of 19 products as a trusted mobile reference.


Excellent price tag and high purchase value
Luxury design
Powerful battery
Relatively good performance
Quality camera
weak points:

18 watt fast charge for large battery
Lack of ultraviolet lens
What do you consider of the Xiaomi Poco M3? How much do you consider this model can perform the satisfaction of the answer generation? If you have experience utilizing the popular Piao Xiaomi series, be sure you share your opinion with 19 friends in the comments section.

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