Traveling? Surround your dog with softness

Are you going on vacation and your best friend is begging to go with you? Do you want a home for your dog that you can slip under the bed?

If yes, it sounds like you’re looking for a soft dog crate.

Made from fabric, these collapsible crates are easy to store and lightweight. Just fold them down, lay them against a wall or between car seats, and you’re ready to go. They’re less expensive than plastic or wire and can hold dogs that are 90 lbs.

With large mesh panels, soft crates will boost your dogs’ comfort. Each mesh window provides fresh air for your dog, a wide view of their surroundings, and the ability to check on your pet as much as you’d like.

What are some other uses?

Because these crates are so soft, they can be used for clumsy, tumbling puppies, older dogs who may have arthritis or other ailments, and dogs of any age who may have gotten surgery. The cushion will lower the chance of injuries.

Is there only one door on the crate?

No, there are many. Most crates have large openings in the top and front, sealed by easy-to-use zippers. Some models have three, or more, openings for the greatest convenience.

Can I use these crates outdoors?

Soft crates are built from durable materials that can handle jostling. Many are used outdoors. If they are indoor-only, this will be marked on the packaging. Water-resistant models may be made of polyester or other materials.

What should I watch out for?

There aren’t many downsides to a soft crate, but we’ll share the few that do exist.


If your dog is destructive, a soft crate isn’t recommended. These crates can be torn, though many newer models are made from tougher materials.


Cleaning a soft crate can be harder than wire or plastic models. With some searching, you can find models that have fully-washable covers and easy-to-remove mats.


Choose the crate that is neither too big or too small for your dog. This will make sure your dog is safe and comfortable.

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